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Global Leadership Forum

HIS holds monthly GLFs on campus. The forums consist of marketplace leaders who share their stories, talk about leadership lessons they have learned, and share how they integrate faith and values in the marketplace. In addition to the main speaker, marketplace and academic leaders serve as table discussion leaders to help clarify the lessons and form deeper relationships. At this event we collect information for a database in order to follow-up with these students and scholars.

Global Leadership Institute

HIS has coordinated with Marketplace leaders to prepare intensive courses offered to individuals.  These courses are designed to provide the necessary soft skills in the business sector that are necessary for them to have an in-depth understanding of successful leadership traits and characteristics.  Individuals can sign up for these courses that meet their needs and schedule.  For more information on specific courses, contact us.

How To Get Involved:

  • Join the Student Group on Garnet Gate

  • Group is dedicated to leadership.

  • Attend the monthly Global Leadership Forums called GLFs - We bring in a leader and listen to them while eating a lunch.

  • Must Register for the GLF

  • Become a Leader in the GLN

  • Take leadership classes in the Global Leadership Institute (GLI).

Global Leadership Network

This network consists of internationals who are students studying in the United States. They join their campus GLN and begin to network with other students, other GLNs, marketplace and academic leaders. This network begins face-to face and then expands to a variety of opportunities on social media and digital communication platforms. Hence the GLN connects leaders both locally and globally, affording a strong support system.

University of South Carolina


When: Thursdays
Where: BCM at 819 Main Street
Time: 12 PM (Noon)


English class is offered after the lunch, if you would like to stay (usually 1:00-2:00).
Come for lunch or just the English or both.

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