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Patricia Cannon​
President of HIS International
Area Director, Columbia, SC 


Patricia better known as Pat Cannon has been at HIS since the beginning in 1992. As stated in the History, she was instrumental with her late husband, Pete, in founding HIS International. They met while attending Georgetown University where they had the privilege of attending classes with internationals from various cultures and being invited to embassy parties.  Some of the students they knew, upon graduation, went on to become leaders after returning to their home countries.   


Pat has been a Registered Nurse for over 45 years and is passionate about nursing because she loves people and wants their best. She graduated Georgetown as a member of Sigma Theta Tau an organization known for global nursing excellence. She earned a Master’s degree after deciding to become a nursing instructor. She has practiced and been in leadership in many fields of nursing from New Jersey to Florida. She started in hospital nursing, but quickly went into Public Health where she managed 150 families. Her next longest practice area was Labor and Delivery. Before going on to become a nursing instructor she was in Home Health and Hospice for many years. Her last nursing job was a nursing instructor where she was able to teach leadership and encourage the next generation of nurses as well as pass on her passion for nursing. Since she has lost some significant members of her family to medical errors Pat is an advocate for safe patient care. She has been an instructor at both University of South Carolina and South University.


Pat has been very active in leadership in the community. She was instrumental in helping husbands in America to be with their wives in the delivery room and enjoy the birth of their babies. She led an environmental group that advocated for clean air in South Carolina. Pat also has a love for the homeless or those who have had a difficult life. She has found many ways to serve them and encourages others to do so. She has helped start and served in a free medical clinic and it was her joy to take her students to join her in serving this population. She has brought international students to minister to those less fortunate. Pat is currently a volunteer Faith Community Nurse, helping others to deal with chronic illness or dying. Pat continues to do educational seminars in things like stress, caregiving and chronic illness. Her strong passion to help internationals learn leadership and change the world to be better wherever they live.


Pat in the last six years has found mentors and become a mentor to internationals on leadership topics. She has had round table discussions on ethics and values and helps the campus leadership group (Global Leadership Network) to suggest and see things they believe are important come to fruition. She is passionate about internationals achieving their career goals. She enjoys finding topics that they would like to have a better understanding of outside the classroom. Some of their top choices have been interviewing, writing a resume or CV, networking, nonprofit work, public speaking, mentorship, and much more. It is her delight to ask community leaders to come and give their expertise to those studying at the University of South Carolina, Benedict, Allen, Midlands Tech, South University and CIU.


Pat believes that building friendships with other cultures is of paramount importance in breaking down walls and allows us to learn from each other . Besides all the formal things HIS International does Pat makes sure there are parties and joins other community groups in their hospitality events.

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