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English Language

The University of South Carolina offers multiple ways to help you increase your versatility with the English Language. No matter if you are very experienced and brand new, there are options to help you improve!

Free English Classes

International Friendship Ministries is a private Christian organization which seeks to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to international students through sincere friendship and service.

They provide free weekly dinners, informative classes, fun programs, and affordable opportunities to tour nearby attractions during school breaks.  Whether it is a trip to the store, moving furniture from one apartment to another, or help with conversational English, IFM seeks to offer practical help as needed.

Visit IFMUSA for more information!

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AGAPE English Language Institue

Agape English Language Institute for Internationals is dedicated to providing high-quality English language instruction at an affordable cost and in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

This is a great opportunity for the adult family of USC students to improve their English (their relatives back home can even participate online!). For more information, contact Avery Radford at 803-445-1998, or visit  for more Aelisua information

English Help From the Community

RUF International at USC welcomes international scholars and their families from all nations, help them explore and understand the Gospel of Christ in a non-threatening and safe environment, and to equip Christian internationals to be servant-leaders for God's Kingdom.

RUF International hosts a lunch for international students every Thursday from 11 AM to 12 PM to enjoy food and make friends from all over the world. This is event is held in the BCM building located at 819 Main Street, next to the Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

Conversational English classes are offered in-person on Thursdays at 1:00PM. Classes begin immediately following the international lunch at 12:00PM.

Conversational English classes are also available via Zoom on Wednesdays at 1:00PM. To sign up please send an email to Scott Andes at and indicate your preferred email address to be added to the class list. Lessons are sent each week on Monday.

Advanced English Classes

Advanced English Classes for international students, researchers, and visiting scholars are offered as well, topics such as focus pronunciation, listening skills, vocabulary, and grammar are discus. Online classes of one hour are offered for free using Zoom conferencing, at several different times

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