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Ancient Ruins

Trips and Excursions

We offer multiple trips to help familiarize you with South Carolina as a whole. Here are some highlights of previous events, and upcoming events that you are welcome to join!

Highlights of Previous Events

If you plan on staying in South Carolina for the short term, or for a long time, ans would like to do some sightseeing we have held multiple events traveling all around South Carolina!

Here are some highlights of some of our previous events:

  • BMW Assembly Plant

    • BMW's largest assembly plant in the world, which produces 275,000 vehicles per year.

    • BMW produces both right-hand and left-hard drive vehicles that are distributed all over the world

  • Charleston, SC

    • Charleston is the 2nd oldest city in the united states

    • Due to the Revolutionary and Civil War this city has storied history that is amazing to unravel

    • In 2019, Charleston was deemed the best city to live in by Conde Nash, the most influential travel magazine in the world

  • Myrtle Beach, SC

    • Myrtle Beach ranks 29th in number of visitors per year with 14,000,000

      • In comparison Honolulu averages around 10,000,000 and Orlando, FL averages 75,000,000

    • This is a frequent day trip that involves a trip to the beach, a shopping spree, and a dinner at one of Myrtle Beaches finest restaurants

  • The Beacon Restaurant

    • The largest non-drive in fast food restaurant in the United States

    • This landmark is located in Spartanburg SC, and serves over 1,000,000 customers per year

  • Hendersonville, NC, Apple Picking

    • Hendersonville is about 137 miles away from Columbia SC and has over 5,000 acres of apple orchards

    • Henderson County produced over 71,000,000 lbs of apples in 2017

    • Its orchards are open to public for u-pick apples

Upcoming Events


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